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Our people love working here

  • I have been working at Netnod for 3 years, and I still love it here. My job is challenging but in a good way!

    Johanna Eriksson

    Marketing Manager

  • I enjoy working at Netnod because I get to work on interesting and challenging problems with really talented people, and every day is an opportunity to grow and learn new things

    Mattias Ahnberg

    Head of Architecture and Development

  • Since i started at Netnod there has not been a dull moment

    Emil Palm

    Network Engineer

Our Values

This is what's important to us

  • Good Of The Internet

    - We contribute to the technical development of the Internet <br> - We share our expertise and contribute to the development of the Internet in other parts of the world <br> - We contribute to making the Internet more open and accessible <br> - We contribute to making the Internet more secure

  • Rock Solid

    - We develop and deliver robust and well-functioning services <br> - We deliver beyond our customers’ expectations <br> - We listen and respond to the views and needs of our customers and the wider community

  • Quality

    - We strive for high operational reliability and high data integrity<br> - We ensure full confidentiality<br> - We are attentive and thorough in our work.<br> - We interact with our customers in a professional manner. <br> - We are consistent and responsive in our communications with our customers and employees

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